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Thread: FS: Computer System (No case)

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    FS: Computer System (No case)

    This has been used strictly for word processing and internet surfing by my younger sister and never had a problem with it before. Lower end stuff but will work great for any basic computer. Looking to upgrade to some better stuff and faster stuff.


    Soyo P4I865PE Plus Intel Socket 478 ATX Motherboard / AGP 8X/4X / Audio / 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN / USB 2.0 / Serial ATA
    This powerful Socket 478 behemoth boasts incredible AGP 8X/4X graphics, audacious audio support, lightning-fast USB 2.0, spectacular Serial ATA, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN capability and much more! And the Dragon 2 motherboard is designed to perform flawlessly with a variety of Intel Celeron and Pentium Processors, all the way up to a thundering 3.2GHz at 800MHz FSB.

    - Form Factor: ATX
    - Processor Interface: Socket 478
    - Front Side Bus: 400/533/800MHz
    - Chipset: Intel 865PE/ICH5
    - Slots: 1 AGP; 5 PCI


    Intel Celeron CPU 2.53 ghz (pretty basic)

    Corsair 512mb DDR PC2700

    Video Card
    Chaintech XGI Volari V3
    128MB DDR
    AGP 8X
    VGA DVI TV Out

    Sound Card
    Not sure but its got 4.1 out. Either a soundblaster or Cobra. I forgot and it doesnt say anything. Gotta make sure the card works since she said she wasnt getting sound in the last couple of weeks. If it doesnt work, Ill knock off $10-$15 which is about how much a basic sound card costs anyway

    One problem it did have though is the onboard sound never worked. I never knew if I just didnt install the drivers correctly or what, but I always used a PCI sound card since she liked to listen to music while doing homework. Like I said, this is far from a gaming computer though it will handle alot of non demanding games, but dont expect to be playing CoD2 or Halflife on this bad boy. Would make a decent htpc with a nice tv tuner card.

    150 shipped

    Can take pics if someone wants. Open to offers, trades, w/e. Not in a hurry to sell so let me know how much your offering.

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    Also, the CPU fan is sometimes a bit noisy... Doesnt affect performance.

    Last thing, computer was used for the last year and half with no problems. Rarely turned off (not sure if thats good or bad ) Any ?s Ask. Paypal only or USPS M.O. Thanks

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