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Thread: Azoodica's everything must go sale

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    Azoodica's everything must go sale

    2 15" gateway monitors not flat or lcd
    Microsoft game pad
    Sony MZ-S1 Mini Disc Player with 5 disks included
    an AOpen 56k Modem
    a foot and a half Vga Chord
    Box full of phone wire and PCI parrallel port chord
    00 Toyota Celica Carbon Fiber Hood
    92-95 OEM Honda Civic optional armrest
    d16z6 Honda cam gear
    Iomega Internal Zip Drive
    Pentium II complete computer with cd burner and 10 gig HD
    Pioneer headunit DEH P2000
    Logitec Wingman Joystick
    Canon BIC 4200 Printer
    Old soundcard out of a gateway 3000
    Copy of Forza for XBOX only played once
    Labtec Headset

    Just make an offer on anything you want I'll consider anything

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    pics of the celica carbon fiber hood for a friend.... Also, whos it made by?

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