Hey guys I bought this equipment awhile back and do not have it with me at school, I have to get it over spring break, so you will have to bare with me on the not so descriptive descriptions. I bought this with the intention of making my own MP3 car and then I found the new love of my life, motorcycles. Being the poor college student I am im trying to make money any way possible and this is one of those ways. I do not have a specific asking price because all prices are negotiable you just have to email me at [email protected] and we can talk about it.

I have:
-Biostar slot A motherboard
-128mb dimm sdram
-Trident 8mb video card w/ tvout
-A few misc hard drive varying in size however I believe the largest is only 6gigs
-AMD Athlon 750mhz slot A cpu
-(2) LAN cards, not sure of brand
-(2) CD-ROMs either 24x or 32x

Again sorry for the descriptions spring break starts in a week and I can let you know all the info then if you email me or IM me at PointSplat2 on AIM.