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Thread: FS/FT: Laptop, Accessories, MiniDisc, Slim DVD, more.

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    FS/FT: Laptop, Accessories, MiniDisc, Slim DVD, more.

    Long time reader, seldom poster. I have accumulated a lot of stuff that I now need to clear our just for space sake. Pretty much everything I list here will be OBO, so name your own price if mine seem too steep.

    First up, my girlfriends old Dell Latitude CPx laptop. The story behind this, she was sitting in bed one day, spilled some water around the power button, and I never really took the time to get it running again. It is currently totally disassembled. Someone with some knowledge could probably get it working again, or someone could buy the entire thing for various parts. It's got a 14" screen (which is in fine shape, no water was spilled on it), P3 (either 500mhz or 800 mhz... can't remember for the life of me), keyboard, touch pad, battery, slim cd drive. I also have the ac power supply, the small mouse, and the hard drive had also been replaced shortly before the accident, so it should be good too still (20.0gb Hitachi). I'm assuming people are going to want to probably piece this out, so PM me with the piece you want (and an offer if you'd like) and I'll respond with a price on the desired parts.

    Next, I have a Linksys Wireless Network Access Point, model WAP11. It basically allows you to add a wireless network signal from a wired router/modem. $20 plus shipping from 20905. Includes AC Adapter and Ethernet Wire.

    Then I have a Toshiba Slimeline DVD reader. It is tray load, never used, just opened. Model number SD-C2712. $25 plus shipping from 20905.
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    Also up for sale is a Sound Blaster Audigy PCI card. Model number is SB0900. Looking for $10 plus shipping for this, includes driver CD.

    The Samsonite case for my girlfriends laptop is also up for sale. Holds the 14" laptop snug, has lots of extra pockets all around. It's fabric, not leather. Very good condition. Asking $20 plus shipping.

    Finally, I have a Sony MiniDisc player. Model number MZ-N707. Each disc holds something like 7 hours of music, and they are relatively cheap to buy. Includes the remote, player, charger base, USB cable, AC adapter, optical in line, car casette adapter, and a case logic MiniDisc case. I also have a few spare discs lying around I can toss in. Asking $75 plus shipping. Includes all necessary software.

    Thanks for reading, please PM me with any questions or concerns you may have. Again, all prices do not include shipping from 20905, and are all OBO. Items will go on ebay if unsuccesfully sold. I am looking for a DC power supply (OPUS, M2ATX), Lilliput 629 housing, and a wireless small keyboard for trades. Thanks again.

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    might be interested in the power adapter, dvd, and ram. Whats the total?

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    how much for the laptop LCD?

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    can you take a pic of the motherboard of the laptop? Im interested.

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    trade n e thing from my thread for the soudn card?

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