I-Opener LCD computer/"netappliance"
Mostly unhacked V5 (Linux Hacker for more info)

To get rid of the stupid security hex bolts holding it to the tray, I had to drill into the sides. This makes the back a bit ugly (which you don't really see anyway, and is irrelevent if you decide to mount it in your car).

Screen Shot
rear pic

As a bonus I'll include a 1GB laptop Harddrive that should fit in the I-Opener.

Quick run down of V5 parts:

200Mhz RISE x86 processor (P200MMX will work as a drop-in replacement, other Socket 7 procs can be hacked to work in it)

32MB SODIMM (laptop memory, 128Mbit based memory will work in it)

Parrallel port

Built-in sound chip, speakers and mic (Note: if you decide to run Win9x drivers may be hard to get working)

1 USB port

Built hardware 56K modem

Intact laptop IDE connector

Sockted BIOS (no epoxy)

What you'll need to get it working as a computer:

A BIOS chip from Bad Flash

An "I-Opener hacking kit" commonly found on Ebay for ~$20 (or an I-Mod 2 for $40 from Bad Flash)

If you want to run it in your car; a power inverter or build a power adapter that listed on this site.

Heat Ware

Win CE (2.11 or higher) PDA or Tablet PC

800Mhz+ processor and motherboard (ATX) combo w/ at least 5 PCI and one AGP (please link to specs)

Email: tom61!@!linuxmail!.org (perfered) or tom61!@!iland.!net if fearfull of free email (make sure you have I-opener in the subject, so I can tell you apart from spam)

Edit: revome exclamation points for spam sheilding (this board really needs it! two porn ads within a day to a an account I use for nothing else but forums)