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Thread: gps, micro atx mb, cpu, lcd controller. & more for sale.

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    gps, micro atx mb, cpu, lcd controller. & more for sale.

    [email protected]

    if you want to buy or have something to trade let me know

    90$ sony etak skymap 2000gps. including isa pcmcia adapter. sony still in box all software and hardware included. this one is nmea compliant will work with many different gps programs.

    20$ each (2) dauphin mini ps2 keyboards. keyboards measure approx 9 inches by 5 inches. black color .

    85$ 5" parts express lcd flip down. paid 199$ a while back

    45$ Pioneer DVD-106S 16X/40X Slot Load

    65$ Pentium® III 850Mhz, FCPGA 256K, 100Mhz, Flip Chip - OEM

    SOLD 20$ each (2) 256 pc100 memory

    SOLD 33$ sounblaster audigy

    70$ motherboard and celeron 400. The motherboard is designed with VIA Apollo Pro133 chipset supports the Intel PII/PIII, Celeron, and VIA Cyrix III processor. System memory bank supports 3 DIMM socket

    memory to 768MB 100MHz & 133MHz SDRAM.

    ST-693AVMA, on board include 2X AGP slot, Stereo sound , ATX power,

    Super I/O, 2 Ultra DMA 33/66 EIDE interfaces, 2 USB ports, 2 PCI Expansion slots,

    1 AMR slot , and 1 ISA slot.


    ► CPU -Supports Slot-1 and Socket-370 Intel Pentium ® II/III

    and Coppermine TM processors

    -2 nd level Cache Depend on CPU

    -Coppermine Socket 370 FCPGA packaged processor

    -VIA Cyrix III Processor

    -Supports 66/100/133 MHz CPU Front Side Bus (FSB)

    ► Chipset -VIA VT82C693A North Bridge -VIA VT82C686A South Bridge

    ► Clock Generator -Supports 66/100/133/140*/150*MHz

    ("*" means frequency can be adjusted, and subject to different


    ► Memory -3x168-pin DIMM Sockets

    -Supports 100MHz & 133MHz SDRAM from 8MB to

    768MB-Supports only 3.3V SDRAM DIMMT-693AVMA/E & ST-6 9 3 A V A /E U S E

    ► Audio -SoundBlaster Pro Hardware and Direct Sound Ready

    AC97 Digital Audio controller-Hardware SoundBlaster Pro for

    Windows DOS box and real-mode DOS legacy compatibility

    - Supports two channel speaker mode

    -MPU-401 game/MIDI port and Sound blaster 16 compatible

    ► I/O Control -Integrated Super I/O Controller in the VT82C686A/B

    ► I/O Interface -PCI Bus master IDE interface on board with two

    connectors support 4 IDE devices in 2 channel, the PCI IDE

    Controller supports PIO Mode 0 to Mode 4, Bus master IDE DMA

    Mode 2 and Ultra DMA 33/66

    -On-board super Multi-I/O chip that support 2 serial ports with 16550

    Fast UART compatible, 1 parallel port with EPPand

    ECPcapabilities, and a floppy disk drive interface

    -On-board support PS/2 mouse Connector

    -On-board support PS/2 Keyboard Connector

    -On-board 2 USB ports

    -On-board IrDA connector

    -Floppy port supports 2 FDD with 720K, 1.44M, and2.88M bytes,

    supports LS-120 floppy disk device

    ► Other Function -Supports Modem Ring Power On

    ► Power Supply -On-board 3V, 5V and 12V 20-pin ATX power connector

    -Use switching regulator to support CPU core voltage

    ► Hardware Monitor -CPU/Power Supply/Chassis Fan Revolution detecting

    -CPU Fan Control

    -System Voltage Detect

    -Display Actual Current Voltage

    ► BIOS -Licensed AWARD BIOS, 2M bit FLASH RAM -ACPI ready

    for PC98/Windows 98

    -System BIOS supports ACPI function and Green feature function,

    DMI Plug and Play Flash ROM

    Intel Celeron ®400Mhz Slot One CPU

    ► 400-MHz Processor Core Speed

    ► 128kbytes L2 Cache

    ► 66-MHz System Bus

    ► MMX Media Enhancement Technology

    ► Single Edge Processor Package

    ► CPU has heatsink and fan

    ► The Intel® Celeron™ processor offers great performance at

    an exceptional value for today's applications.

    I have used this CPU and board in my computer for the last several months and it is working fine, guaranteed not DOA

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    SB AUdigy & RAM - You've got mail.

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    Your title says lcd controller f/s...yet none is listed in the post...


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    sold it.....sorry for the inconvience (sp?)


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