Just testing waters. Selling my carpc because I really need the money. Spent too much money into the system and now want to go with something more "simple". Nothing is wrong with the pc. Just need a new power inverter to power up the pc since I need the current inverter powering it up right now. I am selling the 7" xenarc touchscreen with molded dash, molded center cubby area with dvd burner and boston acoustics center channel speakers, and entire pc, which consists of:

amd athlon xp2600+ i believe it is & with liquid cooling system
512 MB DDR corsair RAM
ATI AIW 2600 pro
Soundblaster Audigy 2
Western Digital 200GB 7200RPM HD
Netgear wireless ethernet card
its also got 2 stinger fans that blow total of 208 cu ft per min into the case so its always cool

Nothing is wrong with the system. Again, just trying to go a bit simpler and everyday I only drive it like 10 min to and from work everyday and work 12+ hours a day so I don't really get a chance to enjoy it the way I want to. I also put some cushioining around the harddrive so bumps and stuff won't affect it from working the way that it should. Oh and it's also got the IGuidance navigation software loaded into the system already as well and I'll also include the antenna. All this ended up being around $2500 just for the carpc setup. I am only asking for about $1600 shipped. Only serious buyers and no lowballers.

Oh and for those that want pics, you can see them at these links: