Bought this from last week but I've decided Im not going to kickstart my CarPC install until I actually get my amps + sub fitted, so it would probably only end up lying around for a few months. Right now the money could be better spent

I can send this back to CarTFT as part of the 2 week grace period, but shipping it back to Germany would probably cost me more than selling it on here (I guess?)

For the uninitiated this is currently the most powerful and least power-hungry VIA EPIA in the range, having only just been released in March 2006.

The full specs can be seen here (EN15000 model):

The motherboard is still in its box and hasn't even been removed from the sealed anti-static wrapper. The manual + all CDs are included, as well as my receipt if needed for the warranty. I am a newbie on this board but my Ebay feedback can be viewed here

Price: 155 inc delivery in UK.

(PS: Please bear in mind that this is brand new, as you would receive it if you bought it from a shop - so silly offers please)