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Thread: Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe Custom Carputer Fiberglass Setup

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    Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe Custom Carputer Fiberglass Setup Be$t

    This includes the following:

    Customized radio bezel to fit a 7" Xenarc LCD
    Customized bottom bezel to relocate buttons
    Custom fiberglass head unit mount pod (mounts between shifter pocket and cup holders:

    NO hardware included (no LCD, no shift light, no radio, etc.) This is just for the parts listed above.

    This will fit a Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe only. These parts are out of an '03 Matrix XRS w/ stock radio (non-Nav)

    Asking for best offer (I'd like to get at least $100 for everything). Located in Los Angeles. MUST sell.

    Please email me at [email protected] with your questions.

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    Nice Job!

    I wish my sis would let me put a pc in her '03 Vibe.... :sigh :



    P.S. You should come to the next So. Cal. meet...

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