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Thread: New 17" Dell monito to trade for Xenarc 7" touchscreen

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    New 17" Dell monito to trade for Xenarc 7" touchscreen

    I have a brand new Dell 17" LCD screen, in unopened box. I'm looking to trade for a Xenarc 7" touchscreen LCD, but will consider others, even larger one as long as it has touchscreen feature, I'm modding a home theater display so bigger might be better.

    I'm in MA, US

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    no way you'll get an even trade for that....... better off to sell it and add more $$

    Btw.... how much you want for it

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    Oh, I'm sure it depends on the value of the touchscreen being traded, I'll have to balance out with cash or ....

    The 17" Dell LCD : $175
    19" Dell LCD: $200

    I also have a Dell X5 PDA and a brand new Ipaq 4700 series PDA (640x480 display) to trade.

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    I have an 8" touch screen panel kit FS. I would consider a trade on your 17" Dell. PM me.

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