For sale
As stated in the title, it is a Dell Optiplex sx270. (Very small PC! 1ft x 1ft x 4in)
It is a 2.8 ghz Pentium 4 with 512mb ram, 40gb hard drive. Hot-swappable Cd-rw/DVD rom.

I will include a Dell usb optical mouse and a basic black Dell k/b. for the low low price of $350.00 (The same model is currently selling for 400+ on E-bay.)
I also have a Phillips 15in LCD monitor that I will sell for $100.00
I also have a 17in crt (also dell) with a Sony Trinitron Flat screen. I could throw it in for $50.

I prefer to sell in person, but will ship the pc (buyer pays shipping costs).
I accept cash and Paypal.


my Ebay ID is Kiztope, and I have been a longtime user of!
I'm raising money for upgrades!
PM me or email me at kiztope at hotmail dot com! (Anti spam-bot...)