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Thread: FS: Orion 2500D (Perth, Australia) will post interstate

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    FS: Orion 2500D (Perth, Australia) will post interstate

    Just serviced by Sounds Xplosive Audio in perth this Orion 2500D is in awesome condition and apart from a small scratch on the heat sink is immaculate. It has been tested to put out over 3000wrms in my car.

    Absolutely cranks and many people all around the world are using them as dedicated SPL amps due to their enormous bang for buck!! Bought off another audio forum this one was then sent in to be fully serviced and has been working in my Tiburon for nearly 6 months.

    I simply need more power though so unfortunately this baby must go.

    I'm chasing $1050.00 for her, this will include postage to anywhere in Australia. I need a quick sale so thats why it's cheap but i'll be willing to consider offers but please, no silly offers, this is due to me feeling this is a fair price and it has been well looked after so is worth every dollar. When you look at it, this is under 35cents per watt.

    Anyway, specs are below:

    If you're thinking about buying this amplifier, you're the type of person who doesn't need a website to tell you about the legendary Orion amps. Back in the day, when nobody knew what "SPL" stood for and autosound competition was in its infancy, Orion blew away all other amp manufacturers when they introduced the first true ultra-high-current amplifier. Since then, Orion amplifiers have just grown bigger, badder, stronger, and LOUDER. For the absolute ultimate in brute force mega-power, bow down before the awesome force of Orion! Orion pulls out all the stops with these amps. All Orion Class D amps feature low-pass crossovers, INTELLi Q bass processing, proprietary Copy/Master system linking with preamp outputs, mil-spec circuit boards, and polished gunmetal finish with removable end caps.


    Class D technology for cool, stable operation
    1 Ohm stable - 2,500W RMS into 1 Ohm!
    Polished gunmetal heatsink with etched Orion logo
    Mil-Spec double-sided circuit boards
    Massive power supply with oversized torroid transformers
    Paralleled internal power bus bars
    Complementary bipolar output stage transistors
    Variable 30-250 Hz low-pass crossover
    INTELLi Q Bass processing
    Variable 0-10 dB INTELLi Bass equalization
    Variable 10-150 Hz subsonic filter
    Satin finish direct-wire power and ground connections
    Proprietary Copy/Master feature for multi-amp systems
    Selectable preamp outputs
    Copy/Master switch for gain and crossover matching
    Separate variable high-pass crossover for preamp outputs
    Removable end caps
    Full CEA-2006 compliant specifications
    13.8V RMS power ratings - even more power into 14.4V!
    Optional RGC-1 remote gain control
    Requires external 200-amp fusing
    Subwoofer Mono Amp Specifications

    Amplifier Type: Mono
    RMS Power @ 4 Ohms: 1200W x 1 @ 4 Ohms
    THD at 4-Ohm RMS Power: <1 %
    Bridged RMS Power @ 4 Ohms: 1700W x 1 @ 2 Ohms
    Speaker Level Inputs: no
    Preamp Outputs : yes
    Built-In Crossovers: LP
    Bass Boost: 0-10 dB
    Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 50 dB
    Dimensions: 27.2 L x 10.5 W x 2.3 H
    Shipping: 28.4lbs

    RRP: $2499.00

    Amplifier is based in Perth, Pickup OK. Will be sent via TNT Express and Consignment Number will be issued within hours of payment (partner works for TNT

    Photos will be posted up by tomorrow evening.

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    got some pics yet?

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    Cant you get those for 500-600$ new off Ebay?

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    yeh you can
    i'm just checking see if the guy is still alive

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