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Thread: FS: Serial Remote Control... $12 Shipped.

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    FS: Serial Remote Control... $12 Shipped.

    This is Packard Bell FastMedia Remote. It is New Old Stock- brand new, but a few years old. I bought it before I really decided on my project, and now that I've built my carputer, I am going with a USB RF remote instead.

    $10 Shipped. No drivers, but I'm sure they are on the internet.

    Also, I have a serial extension cable, something like 18 or 20 feet or something- it reaches from the trunk of my car to my glovebox with extra left over.

    $5 shipped.
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    Lowered price. Will accept trades (I'll pay the difference) for:

    Slot Load DVD drive
    RF Remote
    Some sort of small keyboard
    USB Radio Tuner

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