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Thread: SELLING alot of random comp, parts for cheap!!!

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    Jan 2006
    What going on ....
    I went to send you PayPal for some stuff and it says you are unable to receive money?
    Has your account been locked?
    What happened ... I want to get a few things but this looks strange.
    ... Mike ...

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    Jan 2006
    Another strange one ... he first sent me a PM saying send PayPal to that hotmail e-mail address ... then sent a second message telling me just to send a money order instead of PayPal ....
    This is getting a bit weird.

    Has ANYONE been able to pay him for stuff??

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    I'd like dibs on the Samsung i730 PDA.. Whats the deal with your paypal addresses thats being discussed in the thread? considering you've only had 5 posts do you have any references? Where are you located? Thanks
    Sell me your stuff.. please see what i'm looking to buy

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    I PMed and got no response ....
    Can not send e-mail, since this user (OC) won't accept e-mails from the board ....
    Tried to send money, but PayPal will not allow money to be sent to his e-mail ...
    He contacts me and wants money order and not PayPal ....
    Plus I have asked but he has not supplied references ....

    Hmmmmm .... some answers are needed here.

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    This OC guy sounds like trouble all around. Due to his very first post and his pay-pal issues. Im by no mean trying to hurt his sales but I would be carefull

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    Stop trying to send him money until he either gets things straightened out or produces some credible references.
    How many have actually paid?
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    This morning he sends me a PM that simply says to Fedex him a Money Order to make him feel "safe". No response to any request for references or answer about the PayPal thing or even any answers to the questions posed here.

    Right now this looks VERY BAD ... no money being sent AT ALL until he answers some of these questions.


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    I paid via paypal last night, and after sensing something was fishy, and trying to test the water by sending him $1 more, I found his user account was not able to recieve funds. This morning paypal has already reversed the transfer back to me, as far as I'm concerned this cat needs a lot of explaining, as to what he's pulling. DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY VIA PAYPAL OR MONEY ORDER, until like people above have posted, he has references or a really good reason for all the choas...

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