i have just taking out of my car a manufactured referb sony indash monitor with brain, xav-7w 7 inch widescreen Monitor. i paid $400 for it on March 3rd 2006. also i got a Blaupunkt DVD- MEW in-dash DVD/CD/MP3 PLAYER for $80.

i have taken this out due to i am bored of it now, i set it all up then used the montior for a while, but stoped using it. and i decided to put my old sony back in the car and sell this on. the unit is in mint condition from when i pruchashed it. i have all manuals cables / connectors. i also forgot to take a DVD out of the player so you get a free Music DVD with this sale. i am asking for approx 300 - 350 for the lot, (not including shipping) once someone is intrested let me know your ZIP and i will find out your shipping cost.

i will be puttin this on Ebay Next week approx, so i am giving you heads up start. i have plenty of pictures and will send them as requested. or maybe post them later once im home.

Dont miss this opertunity for mint condition system complete! you will not get this price else were, im selling it insainly cheap!