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Thread: FS: Subatru WRX Bolt in 7" LCD TouchScreen - $370

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    FS: Subatru WRX Bolt in 7" LCD TouchScreen - $370

    Lowered Price to $370

    I wrecked my 2006 WRX and now buying a different car so selling the screen I had. Works great and fits great is just like the one listed here will ship for free anywhere in USA. Screen was tested after wreck and works just fine. Here are some photos of the poor car.
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    Dude, how fast were you going? I'm amazed you managed to snap the telephone pole! Glad to see you survived.
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    Is it the black bezel or the silver one?

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    Holy cow - Sorry about the car dude - Bump for the sale - I may be interested - do you know which Lilliput model is used? the 619 or the 629?

    Again - sorry man -
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