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Thread: Fs: Bmw Ibus & Alpine Pxa-c701

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    Fs: Bmw Ibus & Alpine Pxa-c701

    Exactly what the title says. I sold my carputer and now i have no need for the IBUS controller. It connects to the BMW cd changer cable in the trunk on one end, and the other end connects to a serial cable that you plug into your carputer. You then download ibuscomm.ini (a file available online or on here if u search) and it will translate steering wheel button presses to work with windows. You can make them execute pretty much any action you desire. (I was able to change tracks in RR, higher/lower volume, pause/play, and mute).

    I also have the ALPINE C701 controller for the ALPINE H701. I am purchasing an alpine headunit and the headunit will be capable of controlling the H701, so i won't need the C701 anymore. The C701 is in perfect condition and i still have the box and all of the accessories that it originally comes with.

    IBUS: $20 shipped (completely assembled, ready to be plugged in)
    C701: $100 shipped (practically brand new)

    - SrCsTc's Bezel
    - Alpine W200/H701
    - ED Nine.2X
    - OZ Matrix Elites
    - ED Nine.1
    - Idmax 12's

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