I have that same picture with the Tour Eiffel with me in it! Right across the street by fountains. One of those "gotta have" photos when you go to Paris!

Oh and as far as Paypal goes: As was mentioned previously, they will side with whomever has the money, because their TOS agreement covers absolutely nothing and it is purposely worded that way.

And for UPS: I have shipped 3 computers through UPS and each of them were damaged. One the case was physically cracked in half taking the mobo with it. Guess what, they decided that there was no way to determine if the unit was shipped that way. The top of the box was dented and folded at about 30degree angle with the case too! $2000 and insured for $2100, and guess what I got??? $88. They concluded that they should refund the money I spent on the shipping service because I was unhappy.

As for FedEx if you use them: Read their agreements. If you ship FedEx Ground, the maximum that can be covered is $100. Even if it is insured for a million dollars and you pay the dollar per 100 dollars insured, if shipped through FedEx Ground, you can get $100 plus the cost of shipping MAXIMUM! So be careful when you send expensive stuff.

Believe it or not, USPS actually will cover a claim. THe only claim I have ever gotten. It took well over 4 months though to resolve it, but they did, and I got every penny I insured it for.