Ok so i wanted to install a carputer in my truck but never got around to it. No expense was spared when making this thing. Its all brand new, only used for testing and setup. Never installed and put to use. All price are shipped.

1- Xenarc 700TR $200 overhead TS (top left corner of casing came lose) only cosmetic, cheapest way to go forif u want a flip out. Buy this and flip the out case from digitalww for less than reg flip out screen.

1- ASUS Pundit R w/ram (1gb), processor (2.4 prescott), hd (250gb maxtor), internal dvd drive (dont know) loaded with MCE, music (if u want it) other misc apps- $320 w/insurance

1- External USB DVD Drive- $50

1- BU 303 GPS unit- $35

1- Audiobahn 5.1 Processor ADD51T- $200

1- 400 watt power inverter- $40

Thats all i can think of right now. But if i find more than ill add. Email, pm or aim me with any ques. Pics will be up tom. Everything works fine. Thx