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Thread: Interesting Item on eBay

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    what do you guys think about putting something like this in a sandrail? Do you think it could all be made water tight?
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    wtf? am i the ONLY one to buy one of these things? Im the only bidder...

    This is SO going in my bathroom

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    does the lcd uses the onboard vga or does it have its own vga controller card?

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    LCD info from the seller via email:

    Samsung LTN104S2-L01 (800 x 600 LVDS)

    Size: 10.4in, Resolution: SVGA, 800x600, Dimensions: 244 x 172 x 6.1, NITS: 230, Back Light: 1 CCFT, Battery Life: 20K, Colors: 6 bit/ 262K, Volts: 3.3V, Viewing angle: 50/50/60/60, Interface: 1ch LVDS 3 data 1 clk, Brightness: 230, Contrast: 300, Responce time: 30
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    it says how bright it is in the short description at the bottome of the auction

    NITS: 230, so as bright as the Xenarc.

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