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    FS: Some things

    Selling my danger den RBX waterblock, has socket 478 fittings. Only used about a month, no mildew or any yucky stuff. Lapped the bottom for maximum heat disapation. Includes all the fittings and hardware for your setup. Lucite top.

    $45.00 Shipped

    Massive Cooling Radiator, designed to cool a house. This is used in HVAC to cool liquid for AC, brand new part from factory, over 5000 contact points. Copper tubing, aluminum fins. Will not rust at all. I was going to mount it to the side of my case but changed my mind for air cooling.
    3/8 ID copper tubing, aluminum fins, high flow design.
    The dimensions are as follows 18"x 12" x 2"

    $65.00 Shipped

    Via aqua 2600 Pump, maximum 8ft head, 720gph. This is one strong pump, it cooled my 3.4 prescott to 15c at full load with a dual 120 black ice pro 2 on a t line setup. Had 2 delta fans that pushed lotsa air.

    $40 Shipped

    Mini ITX System (shuttle, upgraded proc to 1ghz p3, 512 ram, onboard video and video out, firewire, network, usb, parallel and serial)

    $350 Shipped and insured

    VIA 800mhz CPU (Socket 370, pulled from the mini ITX system)

    $40 Shipped

    IDE Firewire Adaptor (comes with firewire cable)

    $15 Shipped

    Mobile Infared Transmitter (MIRT) kit. AKA a traffic preemption device.
    Comes with all the parts needed to assemble, I will also include my personal detailed instructions on how to solder it togheter.
    $50 in pieces $70 built.

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    This is your warning.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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