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Thread: Items for Sale

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    Items for Sale

    I am selling a number of CarPC related items.

    I have any e-bay auction for SP625 Fanless PC

    Xenarch Touchscreen Monitor
    I am also selling a Xenarc 700 TSV Monitor that I bought from 4 or 5 months ago. It is black and I have an extra bezel kit that I bought.

    I have decided not to replace my existing/old serial touch screen monitor.

    $300 Shipped.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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    I'd be interested in the extra xenarc bezel if your willing to sell it alone.. $20 shipped.. throw it in a 3.95 priority mail pack would work good
    Sell me your stuff.. please see what i'm looking to buy

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    The monitor does work right? Does it have any dead pixels? If the monitor works and doesn't have dead pixels, i'll take it. e-mail me your paypal address, [email protected]

    I'm not sure if i can recieve or send PM's. I don't know if has a minimum post requirement.

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