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Thread: WT: single din navi + more for carcomp

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    Smile WT: single din navi + more for carcomp

    Ive been reading the forums for a while, and I finally came across how to do it in my 98 civic to look stock. thanks to EVERYONE who has done this before.
    Im looking to part with my current setup.

    Blaupunkt RNS-149 Single din navigation with voice
    Blaupunkt IDC-A09 5 disc single din cd changer
    Complete set of 2005 Maps for the USA, canada and Hawaii.
    Gps antenna and acessories as well.

    I can even toss in a pc if needed (amd XP 2100 or 2700 with a gig of mem, geforce 4600 fx, 2 drives, case etc etc. e-mail me for more info)

    This is currently set up in a 98 civic (nav in radio slot) 5 disc in cd slot behind cupholders.

    Both were purchased in 2005 From Midwest Electronics. Both factory rebuilt. Cost me $800 for both from them.

    Would gladly trade for a mini itx car computer and 7" touchscreen.

    I know Im new here, but i have excellent feedback on e-bay. Have sold everything from my 2003 jetta on ebay to custom computers.

    Feel free to contact me via pm or e-mail. can provide cell if needed.
    Im up outside of Boston MA, and can install this setup for you if your in the area at no charge.

    Thanks for looking. I have included attachments of both the gps nav and the cd changer.
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