I have quite a few of these receivers for sale. They are the most reliable and truely "Waterproof". I will include a bonus popular mapping software with each. PM with email for details.

Price: $49.99 US + $10.00 Shipping/Handling via PayPal Verified (United States shipping Quote - PM for other country rate)

The HOLUX GM-210 Smart GPS Receiver is a total solution GPS receiver, designed based on SiRF Star II Architecture. This positioning application meets strict needs such as car navigation, mapping, surveying, security, agriculture and so on. Only clear view of sky and certain power supply are necessary to the unit. It communicates with other electronic utilities via compatible dual-channel through RS-232 or TTL and saves critical satellite data by built每in backup memory. With low power consumption, the GM-210 tracks up to 12 satellites at a time, re-acquires satellite signals in 100 ms and updates position data every second. Trickle-Power allows the unit operates a fraction of the time and Push-to-Fix permits user to have a quick position fix even though the receiver usually stays off.

Tracks up to 12 satellites.
Receiver: L1, C/A code
Snap Start: <3 sec(at < 25 minutes off period).
Update rate: 1 HZ.
Antenna Type: Built in Patch Antenna
Minimum signal tracked: -175dBW
Dimension: 66℅51℅22.5 mm
Weight : <100g
LED function: power On/Off and Navigation
Update Indication
Operation Temperature: -40 to +80
Store Temperature: -45 to +100
Operation Humidity: 5% to 95% No condensing
Power consumption: <170mA at 4.5- 5.5V input

Non DGPS (Differential GPS):
Position 5-25 m CEP without SA
Velocity 0.1 m/sec, without SA
Time 1 usec sync GPS Time
DGPS (Differential GPS):
Position 1 to 5 m, typical
Velocity 0.05 m/sec, typical
Position: < 2.2 m, horizontal 95% of time
< 5 m, vertical 95% of time

Reacquisition: 0.1sec averaged
Hot start: 8 sec averaged
Warm start: 38 sec averaged
Cold start: 45 sec averaged

NMEA output protocol: V.2.2
Baud rate: 4800 bps
Data bit: 8
Parity: N
Stop bit: 1
Output format:
Standard: GGA,GSA,GSV, RMC.
Optional: GLL,VTG, SiRF binary
RS232 + CMOS TTL Level, or RS-232 + DGPS