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Thread: FS: World Of Warcraft Account

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    Neither darque nor pervert DarquePervert's Avatar
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    Quit bumping your thread. It's against the classified rules.
    Do it again, and the thread will get yanked.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Constant Bitrate tangeray's Avatar
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    Bumping my thread?? look at my original post dates and this post date....this post was responding to this question
    Shadowfangs: What servers are the characters on?
    Is repsponding to a question a bump? or is the trying to stop the derailiment of your for sale thread a whole 48 hours later against the rules?

    Please enlighten me darquepervert im confused..


    Edit: As a matter of fact Darquepervert...You are in violation of the For Sale thread forum rule #7 by "Thread crapping" with your posting of a comic strip into my for sale thread stating you . . .
    Originally Posted by DarquePervert

    (Couldn't resist!)
    PM me and I can send you a link to the forum rules.

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    Takes it in the Rear kevinlekiller's Avatar
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    Actually he was not bumping , he was answering to Shadowfangs question , and telling us to stop whoring his thread.

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    I had a post in this thread bumping it and giving praise for such a reasonable asking price...Not sure where it went (probably deleted or I never actually submitted it). Anyway, here's another bump for a good deal
    "I'm a dick!"
    "I must seek knowledge and it's bastard son truth" - The State

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