Pentium 4 3.2 socket 478 HT 800fsb 1m cache - 125.00
Asus Deluxe Mobo - 50.00
BFG 6800GT OC AGP - 175.00
2 x 512 Mushkin Lvl 1 Black w/ Purple Heat shims PC3200 - 150.00
Raptor 36 Gig HD - 50.00

Bought all together - 500.00

2 Alpine Headrest monitor with harness and brain - 400.00
2 Rosen Headrest monitors w/o harness and there are scratches on the screens - 50.00
Lilliput 8 inch TS has been opened for testing ONLY - 220.00
Cleveland CG10 60 degree wedge has NEVER been hit still in the plastic - 100.00

All prices INCLUDE shipping contact me via PM or my email @ [email protected]

I have plenty of people here who I have bought from and sold things too im sure I can round them up for vouches.

What I am looking for in trades is as follows:

2 7inch TS Lillis or Xenarcs
2 one gig sticks of DDR2 RAM
A mobo faster then the Epia 1ghz
And will consider anything else but thats pretty much what I want