Hi all, I selling custom dash for a 1999-2003 Mitsubishi Galant it includes a 5" LCD screen that is cracked and the main reason I'm selling it, a slim slot cd drive(not DVD) and 8 programmable buttons that works through girder.

The slim slot CD-Rom X24 works great, it is made by Quantra and the usb power cables are included.

The 8 programmable buttons work through girder, the plugins can be found at www.modasylum.com. The buttons work just like programing a IR remote, you enter the command and assign it to a button. It connects to your computer through the serial port, but it is wise to use a USB to Serial converter in order to use it after hibernation. The switches are dual monentary rocker switches.

Even though the screen is cracked the CD and 8 buttons can be adapted your carpc system.

I'm selling it for $50 bucks+ shipping, it you have questions feel free to ask.