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Thread: WTB: Specific Carputer parts (used or new)

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    WTB: Specific Carputer parts (used or new)

    Hi, I am planning on building my carPC so I am interested in some parts if anyone has them for sale.

    CPU/RAM: I have a PIII 700mhz laptop, but I think it may be too slow. So if someone has a carpc they would like to sell for around 150, I'd be interested. Also, if anyone has laptop RAM, I'd also be interested.

    Sound Card: External Sound Card to connect via USB or maybe PCMCIA. Want at least 2.1 channels.

    Screen: 7" screen to fill double DIN

    Power supply: Any type of regulated power supply or fuse to power the laptop (I have a 12V DC adapter for the laptop).

    USB GPS Mouse: Preferable Holux 213, AyAy, or BU-353

    USB or PCMCIA Bluetooth dongle: Mine sucks.

    Rearview camera: I know this is a longshot, but in case someone has one they want to get rid of.

    Mapping Software: Looking for iGuidance or Destinator mostly, with maps. But open to suggestions

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