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Thread: WTB: Motorized LCD, Regulated PSU, GPS, & Slim DVD/CDRW

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    WTB: Motorized LCD, Regulated PSU, GPS, & Slim DVD/CDRW

    hey guys, im ready to start building myself a carputer but i only have the PC parts so far. all i have is a single din, so im looking for a decent LCD to fit in there (which i believe motorized flip out is the only option). also, im looking for a regulated PSU (m1 or m2) that would be strong enough to power Soltek MicroATX board w/ AMD 2400+ mobile, 512mb DDR400, and a 40gb HD. i also need a GPS reciever (prefferably one that i can mount on the top of my roof, but i can mount it inside if its necesary), and a black slim DVD/CDRW combo drive. im new here but well known in other forums and have good feedback on ebay and heatware both under "maxiderm". PM me some offers guys!


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