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Thread: wanted: specific shape USB hub, pic inside

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    Well, good to hear that you got it to work. Post up some pics when you get around it.
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    It late but may help other if they run into the same need.
    I have one of those. 2 port on 1 side + mini usb input and 2 port on the other size with aluminum case. Just a little bigger than a CF card and about 1/8" thicker.
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    this may be a stupid question, but does a hub like this have the ability to turn one usb port from the computer into 4 ports for 4 different devices? i would imagine it would be easier just having one long cable from the laptop in the trunk to the hub in the front, and then i could plug in all my devices using shorter cables into the hub. is there any downside to this?

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    One of the most suckass pics of all time, but it gets the point across. The assembly is epoxied behind a panel that's finished nicely.

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