I have here an naviagtion head unit from an 2005 Grand Prix GT that I aquired from a friend. I tried installing this into my 2004 Grand Prix GTP, and after trying to unlock it with a friend in a dealership, found out that the BCM in my car won't accept this unit for some reason.

What im looking for, if at all possible? Find a 2004 Navigation Head Unit Factory, and do a trade if you have a 2004 and want a 2005.

I do not have the GPS antenna assembly for this, or the map dvd disc.

If it comes down to it, I will just sell it and try to find a 2004 Navigation Head Unit someplace. If so, then I would probably let it go for around 350$ since the prices on ebay for the same unit go for around ~800$ something.

You can look at my eBay feedback, eBay username is: archaicbinary