Brand New Universal MP3 / Cell Phone Arm Band Holder
Gray & Black

Features a high quality, comfortable strap, extra padded, heavy-duty velcro. This model also includes a neck strap so that you can hang it around your neck like a lanyard, after removing the arm strap!

Easily detachable! The arm strap easily comes apart from the holder by twisting it 90 degress. Works great with all cell phones and mp3 players. The part where you insert the player or cell phone has a bit of elasticity / stretchiness to it, so that you can fit a slightly larger player or phone in there if you need to. The dimensions of the opening are large enough to fit most phones and players - including many of the newer apple iPod models such as the Nano and the Mini. The player pocket is 2.25" wide unstretched, but can stretch to as wide as 3"-3.25" to fit larger player models. The depth of the pocket is .75" deep, but can stretch to up to 1.5".

If you want to listen to your music while you're working out, or when you're at the gym - this is the arm strap for you. Don't have an mp3 player, but your motorola razor, LG vx8000 / vx7000 / vx8100 or vx8300 cell phone works as one? Put it to good use with this arm band- Now you don't need to shell out $200 for an ipod nano...

Asking Price: $5.00
Shipping & Handling: $3.00 US & Canada

CONTACT: [email protected]

I'm selling it because I just never used it - bought it thinking I would, but I don't listen to music except for when I'm in my car.