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Thread: For Sale - Karputer ICEPAC2 IN CAR PC SYSTEM

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    For Sale - Karputer ICEPAC2 IN CAR PC SYSTEM


    I have for sale the karputer Icepac 2 in car pc system as boxed and untouched from the company. Bought but unfortunately wont be able to use personally due to need to move abroad.

    This is the ultimedia full package with 40GB hard drive, 256mb RAM, Slim line slot loading DVD/CD-RW AND 7" in dash motorised screen. This is the premium package and hence includes all facilities needed for gps(maps +receiver), mobile office, wireless connectivity and DVD/CD/MP3/WMA playback. For more information on specs and the system itself visit the homepage at

    The system was purchased for exactly £2047.00 however I am willing to sell for £1500 or close offer preferably to someone in the United Kingdom.

    Interested party should contact me on 07809447812 or email [email protected]

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    where are you located?

    just interested in computer, not screen


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    I am located in london,Uk. However i intend to sell the whole unit together hence i will not sell the computer without scree or vice versa.

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