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Thread: Need some things...

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    Need some things...


    I am a mp3car interested person i Norway.. and i really need a few things..

    1. A dc-dc power suppy..
    2. A 5,6 or 6,4 LCD screen, video input, since i can't afford a vga lcd.. with a stand so that i can mount it on top of my dash
    3. A gps unit.. cheap.. rand mcnally or something..

    Please let me know If you know where i can find these things at the lowest price, or if you have suggestions on what i should buy..

    Maybe some of you have som something for sale?

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    what kind of dc-dc do you need? atx or at?

    i have a partsexpress 5" screen flip down/up base that i will sel for 90$. paid 199$ when they first came out. been sitting on my desk collecting dust for a while.

    also have a sony skymap nmea compliant gps reciever for sale.......70$

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    I need an AT psu.. but if it is possible to use an atx supply to power an at motherboard with the help of an adapter, then that would be the best way to go.. then i could upgrade the motherboard without buying a new psu.. dc-dc psu's are pretty explensive..

    But if anyone have got a at dc-dc psu at a resonable price, i'll be happy to know.. i really need something to power my computer..

    The 5" lcd is a bit small.. i need a video lcd, since i cannot afford a vga lcd.. but i want a good video lcd since im going to use it for gps.. 5,6"or 6,4"...
    I also want to know if someone can help me finding the lcd of my dreams im going to mount it ON TOP of my dash, in a peugeot 205.. so i really need one with a stand. But the stands i've seen make the screen so tall... i really want one where the stand connects to "the back" of the screen, so that i can make the screen itself "rest" on my dash... kinda difficult to explain.. but let me know if someone knows something like this..

    sony skymap? is that a good gps reciever? what is the accuracy? how is it compared to the rand mcnally or the garmin sensor? Is it supported by alot of software? (i guess, since it is nmea compliant)..

    Thanks in advance


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    how tall is "too tall' for the LCD stand?

    on mine, I think you could easily modify it so that the LCD attaches directly into the top of the dash (no "stand" per se, however the lcd would mount vertically to the dash.)



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