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Thread: New 6.4" ELO Touch Overlay - Price Reduced

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    New 6.4" ELO Touch Overlay - Price Reduced

    Brand-new ELO touch screen overlay for a 6.4" diagonal
    LCD screen. It is from the ELO IntelliTouch line.

    This is the overlay ONLY, it does not come with the controller.

    The ELO part number is SCN-IT-FLT06.4-002-004.


    $40 including shipping in the US.
    (Contact me for other shipping areas/prices)
    Paypal preferred, but will also take a money order.

    Contact me at [email protected] if interested.

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    I'm just wondering.. can a 6.4 overlay be used on a 5.6 screen?
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    you can pick these up for 1/2 of what you are asking on ebay from a guy who has loads of them.... then you need an intellitouch controller which runs ~200
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    Price of screen

    The guy selling them on Ebay is "Walltowallsales"

    His price is not "half" of what I am asking.

    His asking price is $38.50 + $7 shipping, which is actually MORE than I am asking. I bought the first one he put up for auction back in March, for $41.51. + the same shipping charge. It is the same one I am now selling for $40, shipping inclusive.

    If you bother to check, the last one that he sold closed at $38.50. That is in fact what I used to determine the price I'm asking.

    The last I spoke to him he had around 10 of them to sell. Maybe he's gotten more since then, but I doubt he has "tons" of them.

    Please get your facts straight before hassling others. Why I'm even explaining myself, I have no idea... if you aren't interested, you obviously don't have to buy it.... just move on.



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