ok so I am selling my Dell everything is good except the Hard drive and the power cord works but has cat bites LOL sorry i tried hard but the damn cats like wires. So now for the specs
Its a 2.66Ghz Intel P4
1 Gig Ram
Win Xp home with all cd's that came with as well as the recovery cd which is the OS.

DVD rom and cdrw burner
Wireless built in
includes the basic IO such modem, network and vga out. And the PCMCIA i think but its the slot for pc cards.

so yeah everything works but I can clearly hear the hard drive skip so its bad. I dont want to spend 200 bills for a new hd for a decent one that is. So I rather sell my latop since now I have a gaming pc and one of those slim dell desktops so no real need for a laptop. Ok so the price hum seeing how this is in working conditon and flawless other than the HD I am asking 400+shipping. No rush to sell so i can wait or what not. I have feed back in ebay as user 60360 and done business in this website. If I sell it I will give a tracking number the following day after funds are delivered via pay pal or mail. Ok well if any questions let me know.
or ccortes200@aol.com