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Thread: WTB - Car pc - Autralia

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    WTB - Car pc - Autralia

    hi guys, i am looking to buy a car pc. i live in australia and have about 1000 AUD to spend. i am after something like this

    Otherwise, requirements are:
    1ghz cpu
    512 ram
    1 din size
    dvd/cd drive
    m2 atx 160w power supply
    60 gb hard drive
    i also need a touch screen vga monitor 7 - 10 inches

    Let me know if you have one, or know of anywhere i can get one. thanks guys

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    I got the model you are looking for. I PM'ed you.

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    If Jiggajake doesn't have what you are after, let me know. I have a mate that is looking to sell his setup
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