I've about had it with playing around with this display, and I'm thinking it would save me some hassles (and some money at this point) to just get a pre-made serial LCD and be done with it.

So, I'm willing to buy or trade for a CrystalFontz (preferred) or Matrix Orbital display, 4x20 w/ backlight. I'd also like to get the cables and keypad. If you have these too, please let me know.

For trade, I have 2 VFD displays from Noritake, both working, one unused.

One is a CU20026SCPB-T22A, 2x20 VFD. Information here: http://www.itron-ise.co.jp/chinese/c...ata/cucata.htm

ALong with this I have the OP-RS232-CA1 serial interface adapter, which, according to the spec sheet "is an adapter to interface between RS232C system and 'itron' CU module".

The other display is a CU40025SCPB-U1J VFD. It is 2x40, information here: http://www.noritake-elec.com/test/uversion.htm
From that page you can get a spec sheet in PDF format.

The CU20026SCPB-T22A is unused and brand new, as is the serial interface adapter. As far as the CU40025SCPB-U1J, I soldered pin headers to it. All items have detailed data sheets.

Please let me know if you have what I need, and let me know what you'd be willing to take for it. Thanks very much!