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Thread: FS Lilliput carpc and Lilliput Motorized 7" touch screen monitor

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    FS Lilliput carpc and Lilliput Motorized 7" touch screen monitor

    I've had this monitor for about a month, it's in very good shape. I will take pictures later and post them for you guys.
    I also have a carpc from lilliput, in Brand New condition. I pulled it out of the box and installed windows, to make sure everything works. It's a good unit.

    both units are 1 din each, so if you have a 2din car, it would look good.

    Asking price is 800$ USD for both, or I can sell them separately. (Free shipping within the US if you buy both at 800$)

    If you have questions, please email me.

    [email protected]

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    can you price out just eh monitor? thanks.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!

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    Here are some pix!

    Specs will be next.

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    I had a problem with the first unit DQT sent me, but they didn't fix it at all, instead, they sent me a new one with a bigger hardrive! This is why the unit is brand new in the box (tested, brand new wire harness etc.) Unit will come bundled with Windows XP pro. and a legal COA.

    The display screen is in very good condition like I had stated, and has mounting holes I had to drill on the sides. Does not affect functions of the unit. Also, this is one of the later units, and has no problems whatsoever.

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    • Lilliput BlaXtream TC-1000 one Din In-Dash Computer system with 1G CPU, 512Mb DDR Ram , 40GB Hard drive onboard Sound card, onboard Lan card and onboard Modem.
    • CD/RW burner & DVD player built in
    • Main Frame ( For In-dash installation )
    • Full function Remote Controller
    • 100v-240v Power AC adapter
    • Five-Core automobile power connection cable
    • Audio output wire (RCA out )
    • VGA extension wire
    • USB extension wire
    • Computer Instruction menu
    • DVD player User's menu
    • Onboard application driver software CD
    • Bluetooth Driver software CD
    • Carrier fixing frame
    • Panel plastic frame

    • Lilliput Fully 1 Din In-Dash Car PC DVD Player System with CD/RW
    • Working Voltage from 7v to 24v
    • Working current from 2.2A to 4A
    • VIA BlaXtream TC-1000 with 1 GHz CPU,266MHz Bus (DDR),VGA card ,Sound card ,LAN card on board .
    • DVD Rom build in
    • 512 MB DDR Ram
    • 40 GB Hard Drive - 5400 RPM and 8 MB cache
    • Bluetooth on board
    • Dimensions : 195 x 177 x 54 mm
    • Weight : 1.55kg
    • Computer : This product can be operated as a Car PC or Home PC when adapted with a mini LCD monitor or Home PC monitor .
    • DVD Player and CD/RW burner : This product can play various media Discs such as CD, Mp3 , VCD and DVD . This is an instant boot-up Media player, which means the users can play Disc Media without booting up the computer Operating system.
    • Extension Functions: This computer is designed with the bluetooth communication function and four USB ports, through which , the user can extend this machine with cordless keyboard and mouse, wireless earphone , GPRS modem, GPS navigation antenna, DVB-T digital TV receiver etc.
    • Bluetooth Communication: For the operation instruction of the bluetooth communication mode , please refer to the following two*.pdf files in the bluetooth installation CD.
    • English blueSoleil Usermanual 1.4.pdf
    • English IVT blueSoleil 1.4-GAQ.pdf

    • Compact Design: with the dimensions of 195 x 177 x 54mm , it is easy to be installed and carried. High Performance Specification: CPU 1G , Memory up to 512mb , 40GB Hard Disc , DVD drive & CD/RW burner. Lower Power consumption: maximum power consumption of this machine is 48W. Rated power consumption is lower than 30W . Energy saving and efficient heat emission performances make is applicable to the car environment. Professional make is applicable to the car environment. Professional design: it is specially designed for the application under vehicle environment with good mechanical structure and electrical design, such requirements as anti-vibration, heat emission, anti-disturbance, and power separation ca be satisfied; and the following severe operation conditions under vehicle environment can be improved, including vehicle jounce, high and low temperatures , surge current, and electromagnetic disturbance. Intelligent Power Control-this equipment has special Intelligent Power Control system .
    • Wide voltage range input: this car PC can normally work ranged from 7V to 24V,overcoming the disadvantage of non-stability of vehicle battery voltage, especially the insufficient instantaneous vehicle ignition voltage.
    • Automatic Delay shutdown: after "ACC" ( automobile electric lock ) switches off the power , the computer can automatically normally shut down and has 20 second delay to switch off the whole computer's power supply to ensure the normal PC shutdown.

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    How much for just the monitor? I'll even give you mine.
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    single piece

    how much for just the pc part

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    500$ for the pc part 300$ for the screen ( sells it for 469$

    The whole thing cost me about 1100-1200 total. Good setup, I'm just not very good at making things work out. I'm going to try to get a Pioneer d2 or z1 in my car. A little easier for me.

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    What model is the monitor? AM/FM/TV?

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