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Thread: FS: xenarc 700v lcd

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    FS: xenarc 700v lcd

    7" xenarc lcd for sale including:
    ac power supply
    car 12v cig adapter
    A/V cable
    Remote control

    this item is in slightly used but EXCELLENT condition (no pixels out, no scratches, etc.).never installed into vehicle (changed my mind on the whole project). more info on this particular lcd can be found:

    Asking $100 plus shipping from zip code:80228

    paypal preferred, will consider offers

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    For anyone interested in purchasing this for vehicle PC use, the 700V does not have VGA input.
    Xenarc makes top-notch screens, however.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Ah that is indeed a good point that i didn't think to mention. Thanks Perv. Also i do not have the stand! That being said: price dropped to $100 shipped!! To clarify:2 video inputs only (dvd player,xbox, etc.)

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