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Thread: FS - Car Computer + Accessories for Ford Mustang

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    FS - Car Computer + Accessories for Ford Mustang

    I was going to do a car computer in my car but decided against it. Im not too much of an active member on here, I just trolled around learning as much as I could and posted a couple of times. I have almost everything you need minus a few things...Im posting this on a mustang forum where im selling it and im an active member and heres also a link to my ebay name, as well as being paypal verified. i also made a purchase on here from ProphetX for my sound card.

    Heres what it comes with:

    Antec Overture II case (BRAND NEW)
    Windows XP Pro
    AMD XP 1600+
    GBit Motherboard
    256MB ddram
    Samsung 60GB HardDrive
    Holux 213 GPS Reciever
    Audigy NX2 External Sound Card
    16x cdrw
    16x dvd player
    GeForce 2 MX 3d card
    ATI Radeon 9500 PRO 128mb - yes it comes with two video cards.
    Stinger 300hz bass blockers
    Perhiphial Line output - to intergrate in factory Mach460 audio system
    Pre 2001 Mach 460 tweeter amp (so you dont need to run aftermarket amp)
    Wireless B Internet network card
    2001+ Mach 460 aftermarket radio wiring & ground loop isolator
    Also include a DIN radio slot if you have a fold out screen

    You need a couple things for this setup to be complete:

    The wiring to give this power from your car
    -a 12v PSU - but Ill include a used power inverter if you would rather use that.
    -A touchscreen monitor
    -I also suggest you go out and buy a dvdrw to replace the two cd/dvd drives. They act up sometimes and you can kill two birds with one stone plus have DVD writing capablilitys.
    If you have an SCT XCAL 2, or a capable datalogging handheld programmer, you can do your data logging right on this computer and see everything as its going on. I might be forgetting some things so if I am, ill update.
    There are aprox 300 albums on this computer and a couple movies. All legal, of course.

    Like mentioned above Im including 2 cards. I know the GE Force crashes sometimes and I dont know the working condition of the ATI Radeon but it worked when I removed it from my other computer quite a while ago. You can PM me, Email me mattj**@** (remove **'s) or contact me VIA AIM at ELEMENTSADIST.

    Pics are available in my webshots photo gallery.

    Im not really keen on what all this stuff is worth so ill say 400 + ship for everything OBO

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    Im also open for offers. perhaps ill part this out as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattJ View Post
    Im also open for offers. perhaps ill part this out as well...
    if u decide to part it out im interested in the GPS receiver

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