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Thread: FS: Earthquake PHD3 amp with cable and breaker

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    FS: Earthquake PHD3 amp with cable and breaker

    Selling some of my Audio Equpiment form my old system. Future wife isnt as thrilled about going deaf as i am.

    Earthquake PHD3 Amp Rated at 5000 watts x 1 (mono)

    Has low pass filter and gain controls.

    This is a serious amp and comes with 2 gauge power cables and a 1 farad cap. As well as a 150amp marine breaker. Amp is clean, mabye 1 scratch somewhere. HAs a very durable powdercoated finish from the factory.

    I was running 2 Pioneer PRemier TSW5000SPL subs off this thing and it bareley broke a sweat. This is not for your normal sub. This will blow out anything that takes less than 1000 watts. This is not modified in any way. You can go online and find out how to mod this amp to push over 10k RMS at 1ohm STABLE or as low as .25 ohm. As a warning this if you mod this amp you migh want to get a bigger breaker. And i am not responsable for you hearing after this point.

    Asking $475 / obo plus shipping

    Pics on request (please PM/email)



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