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Thread: For Sale: Dschmidt shutdown controller

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    how is this different from the jeff mucha one that mastero is selling?

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    Smile good question

    I believe the one I have is more elaborate because it uses the serial port for more power options when used with other software from UPS.

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    Here are the capabilities of the DSchmidt unit.

    The DSchmidt unit will

    - power UP your ATX motherboard after the ACC line is valid for over 5 seconds.
    - will provide a serial port signal for POWER GOOD or POWER FAIL if you use a UPS program, OR it is already supported through WIN2K. Can also be used with Linux.
    - Supplies a switched +12V 30A line to your UPS
    - Will allow your ACC line to drop out for up to 8 seconds before sending the POWER FAIL signal to prevent inadvertant power down due to cranking the car, or you changing your mind.

    So the differences are :
    - delays times are not adjustable
    - it will powerup your ATX motherboard
    - it will send a POWERFAIL and POWERGOOD signal through the serial port.
    - it will tolerate up to 8 seconds of ACC dropout before shutting down.



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