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Thread: FS: SYD (AUS) Complete Subaru Liberty 3.0RB Carputer inc Bezels etc

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    FS: SYD (AUS) Complete Subaru Liberty 3.0RB Carputer inc Bezels etc

    Title says it all. Unfortunately looking to sell my 3.0RB and I don't believe the average "lay" buyer would be interested in the carputer, or apreciate it for that matter.

    CarPC Includes

    Mobo - VIA EPIA SP13000 Mini-ITX Motherboard -
    HDD - Fujitsu 100gb 2.5" Laptop Drive -
    Power Supply - Automotive M2-ATX 160W DC-DC Power Supply -
    Screen - Xenarc 7" TSV LCD Touch Screen -
    RAM - 512MB of some nature ..
    USB SoundCard - Creative Sound Blaster Digital Music LX 16-bit -
    USB Wireless - Linksys WUSB54GP Wireless-G Portable USB Adapter -
    USB GPS - USGlobalSat BU-353 Waterproof GPS Receiver (GPS Mouse) -
    Mini Keyboard - Dream Gear Mini Keyboard -
    Clarion EA1251B - Clarion CeNET Pod Interface (EA1251B) -
    PIE AUX IN - PIE Electonics Clarion AUX Audio Switcher -

    Spare Subaru Cubby Facia - Custom made Double DIN Console fitted with Xenarc
    Info Panel Relocation Bracket - Subaru's Catalog Part # H0017AG930 -

    Monitor Visor -

    Vid of it in action on Youtube too --


    Has definately been a fun project but I think it's time to pass on the torch to someone else Would like to sell as a whole or as complete as possible as I have no need for any of the parts.

    Just posted up some more detailed info of the setup over here as to how it works etc -

    Currently looking for offers around $2000 AUD for everything. Would also be best for pickup (Located in NORTH SYDNEY) as this way I can show you it working in the car and how everything hooks up to assist in your intstall.

    Total parts listed cost around $2,500 AUD when purchased 5 months ago and that's not including the time and labour etc of making the bezel, getting it all working, etc.

    The carputer itself I wont split because it's all together (eg Mobo, HDD, Power Supply, RAM), but all the other items (SoundCard, Wireless, GPS, Clarion EA1251B, PIE AUX In) I would possibly look at splitting up. The Screen & Cubby Facia would come together.

    As to the carputer, happy to leave it loaded with everything on it. Windows XP up to date, tweaked with all drivers etc and latest Centrafuse installed with Aus maps. The 100gb drive is loaded with about 30gb MP3's and 60GB divx movies. I see no point in taking it off just so the next guy has to start from scratch :P

    It is currently out of the car and ready for sale. Anyone interested ?

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    Beautiful car JiMb0 - very nice.

    I might be interested in the USb wireless and the USB soundcard depending on $$.

    BTW - are you the same Jimbo that hung out on the SAU forums ?


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    Got a bit of interest for the whole setup at the moment so will keep those after specific parts posted.

    and yes Jay, one and the same JiMb0

    JTC000 - R33 Skyline
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    what would you want for the screen if seprate?

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    how much for the clock relocation kit?

    2001 Acura CL traded for a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT
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    60g SATA Laptop HD
    4x Apple DVDslot
    digimoto OBDii
    mS GPS
    mini BT keyboard
    relocated HU faceplate

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    I know you stated you wouldnt split the PC up, but I'm interested in the M2-ATX if you decide to part it up.
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!

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