ok guys im letting my carputer go. theres absolutely nothing wrong with it im just needing cash right now. these are the specs.

The dash is custom molded a 8 inch lilliput touchscreen vga monitor where the original radio and ac controls used to be. i moved the controls lower where the pocket/slave cd player was. the color of the dash is beige and it has the wood grain trim around. The dash looks good and is strong. i just redid it with a bunch of plastic epoxy and it is sturdy and doesnt seem its going to crack anytime soon easily. dash also includes the headlight switch because its glued into it.

The computer

The computer is a mini itx via mII12000 with 512ram m1atx(can upgrade to m2atx since ill have a new one coming from mp3car) 100gig toshiba laptop hard drive 5400rpm and 16mb cache. The hard drive alone i paid over 175 for it. Blue ampie case with the wires.

Black Powermate
Scorpius p20 wireless 2.4ghz keyboard with built in mouse and reciever
br-355 serial navigation gps
dvdrom drive in external usb2.0 enclosure(wont close, will include for free)
Dlink pcmcia wireless G card
20gig external 2.5 hard drive for transferring files.

if you have a 99 or 2000 escalade this is a perfect setup for you. i believe the dash will also fit 96 to 00 tahoes yukons, denali, and silverado P/U. If you want a high quality and reliable system without having to do all the custom work this is for you. My asking price is 990 Shipped in the USA 48 states.