Hi, i got this Coleman PowerMate Inverter for sale. A friend of mine gave it to me becuase he didn't need it anymore, he went from car to bike. He said he used it for a while while he was in Kansas. It's still in great condition...only reason i don't use it is becuase i only plan on using my laptop in my Van...so i really don't need 800 Watts. And also, i don't like the fact that it connects directly to the Battery (i hate Sparks..lol) I think retail they go for about 70-90 bucks. I'm asking for 35-40(+shipping)....mostly so i can get a less powerful inverter. Comes with everything

800/1600 Watt Coleman Inverter

COLEMAN 800/1600 Power Inverter + Cables N

Coleman PMP800. Coleman Powermate The Coleman name has long been the definition of dependability. The new Powermate lines of DC to AC inverters have hit the market by storm, outselling many of its competitors with its reputation for reliability. Depending on the size of the inverter that you choose, you'll have plenty of power to run appliances such as lights, color TVs, microwaves, refrigerators or almost any other appliance or tool. They will work with your engine off or on. Their unique design includes multiple outlets, internal high-speed fans, input range of 10 to 15.0 volts DC and has high surge capacities for starting those difficult inductive loads.


Max. Continuous power: 800 watts (6.6 AMPS)

Surge capability (peak power): 1600 watts

No load current draw: <0.1 amp

Input voltage range: 10.5 - 15 VDC

Fuses: Dual 35 amp, spade type

Waveform: Modified sine wave

AC Receptacles: Dual 110V AC, grounded (each)

Includes: heavy-duty cables