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Thread: WTB: Carputer w/ 8" Touchscreen AUSTRALIA

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    WTB: Carputer w/ 8" Touchscreen AUSTRALIA

    Hey, I am new to these forums and I am finally forking out the money for a carputer. Problem is I can't find what I am looking for here in Melbourne, Australia...Looking for:

    M1 atx or M2 atx
    1ghz cpu
    512mb ram
    40gb + hard drive
    8" touchscreen

    Also looking for a slot load DVD/CD rom if at all possible. Looking at roughly $1000 (can go up depending on features) Of course I will add more if I can get the slot load (which I doubt) Nothing fancy as I am debating going this route or a laptop with inverter. Thanks for reading this post!

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    Ok how about any carputer at all? Or at least a shop that would sell parts for carputers...thanks for the help in advance

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    Hi dezi,

    I found your thread whilst searching for people in Melbourne. Shame that no-one has replied. I see that you're still active on the forums, so here's some advice.

    Basically, there are a number of online website's in Australia that you can buy certain components from, but as you'll find they are usually quite expensive. Search these forums for other people's posts. Ironically though, more often than not, it seems to work out cheaper to buy from overseas and pay for the currency conversion and shipping.

    You might try the following:

    Mp3Car Store
    Ebay Australia
    Mp3Car Classified Section for second had components

    Good Luck.



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