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Recieved the router today. The package was put together rather well. Took me 5 minutes to get the box open, all the items were wrapped in bubble wrap, excellent job packaging.

Set up router, plug in my desktop, got it working immediately, log into router, change password, set up wireless with wpa key, log onto my laptop, connect to network, put in wpa key, and low and behold get limited or no connectivity error, play it for half and hour and still no luck. Finally I pull up the advanced options on my wireless connection, and manually assign an IP, Default gateway, subnet mask, and dns server, disconnect from the network, reconnect, and problem solved. Haven't tested out the range on the router, but it is working very good.

Thanks again Griz and to all comtemplating whether or not to purchase something from him, I recommend him, two thumbs up.

Thanks for the endorsement