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Thread: WTB: VoomPC Case & Misc Parts

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    WTB: VoomPC Case & Misc Parts

    I'm looking at starting a new project and i am for parts at a reasonable price.
    so far i am looking for a :

    voompc case

    Motherboard to fit that case: i will take anything

    100gb or higher harddrive for the voompc setup

    a card so that i can add a wireless pcmia card to it.

    a 7inch or higher touch screen for front of the car. i will take anything as long as it views good.

    2 reg screens for headrests

    any misc cables or parts

    i am new to this so i want to get parts as cheap as possible
    you can email me at [email protected] with anything you have.

    also looking into a cheap ps2 or xbox. plus wireless controller.

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    I can help you out with the 100gb hard drive.
    got one for 45 shipped.

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    I got a VoomPC case new in box, $75 shipped
    Progress:99% not 100% because theres always something to do...
    Centrafuse on XP (lited)
    120GB 2.5" SATA HD
    1GB DDR2 Ram
    M2-ATX PS
    Slot-Load DVD
    BU-353 GPS w/Mappoint 2k6

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    willing to go any cheaper on case i can get it brand new shipped for 70 bux

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