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Thread: FS: Axim X50v PDA with extras

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    FS: Axim X50v PDA with extras

    Posted on Might be willing to add the Belkin GPS receiver and software (it's the original version I bought a year ago). It's basically, the Fortuna Clip-on receiver and v.1.1 of iGuidance, I believe. Works very well with the Xtrac mode. With the GPS stuff, I would do $250 shipped anywhere in the US. Thread

    I'm adding some info here in regards to the PDA since unlike the AximSite crowd, you may not be so readily aware of them:

    Intel® XScaleTM PXA270 624MHz

    Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows MobileTM 2003 Second Edition with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

    ROM: 128MB Intel StrataFlash® memory

    TFT Color 16-bit, Touch Sensitive, Transflective LCD
    3.7 inches
    480 x 640 resolution at 65,536 colors (VGA)

    Intel® 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory

    Control and Lights
    5-way Navigation button
    Wireless On/Off Button
    Lock Switch
    4 Program Buttons: Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Home
    Voice Record Button
    Reset Button
    Backlit Power Button
    Event Notification
    Charge Status
    Wireless Status

    Expansion Slots
    1 CompactFlash Type II Card Slot (3.3v)
    1 Secure Digital / SDIO Now / MMC Memory Card Slot (3.3v)

    Ports and Connectors
    Standard v1.2 (115 kbps) Infrared Port
    36-pin Cradle/Sync Connector
    3.5mm Headphone/Headset Jack

    Length 119 mm (4.7 inches)
    Width 73 mm (2.9 inches)
    Height 16.9 mm (0.7 inches)
    Weight 175 grams (6.2 oz)

    Audio Controller I2S Codec, WM8750 sound chip
    Stereo Conversion 16-bit stereo; 8.0, 11.025, 22.05 and 44.1KHz sample rate
    Full Duplex Record and Playback
    Integrated Microphone and Speaker

    Power Supply
    AC Adapter
    Battery Type
    1100 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable, Rechargeable (standard)
    2200 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable, Rechargeable (optional)
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